What causes acidity

Whenever we go outside, we prefer eating junk or unhealthy food with lots of spices
and sauces. Sometimes we feel a burning sensation in the stomach or in the upper
part of the stomach, commonly identified as “Acidity” which is one of the most
common health issues in today’s era.

The food we eat passes through the esophagus (tube) into the stomach. The acid
created by gastric glands in the stomach helps to digest the food and kill germs. If
this acid is produced in a large amount, more than what is needed for the digestion,
then this condition is characterized by a burning sensation above the stomach. As
people in India are indulged in heavy consumption of oily and spicy foods, that is
why it is a very prominent issue.

How to recognize acidity-

● Burning sensation in the stomach and throat
● Difficulty in swallowing
● Regurgitation (repetition of food to the mouth)
● Restlessness (not able to relax)
● Belching (burp)
● Bad breath
● Indigestion
● Constipation

What causes acidity??

● Unhealthy eating habits- like skipping meals or not eating at regular times,
● Excess consumption of certain food items- like tea, coffee, soda, citrus
foods, fatty foods.
● Side effects of medicines- Like anti-inflammatory drugs, medications for
high B.P., antibiotics.

● Existing medical conditions- Like diabetes, asthma, peptic ulcers.
● Other causes- Such as stress, lack of sleep, smoking, excess alcohol intake

Complications of acidity-

● Extreme pain in the chest or abdomen
● Excessive vomiting
● Difficulty in swallowing
● Gastric ulcers

Foods to Prevent Acidity

Almonds: It balances the stomach juice, relieves the pain and prevents acidity.
Munching on almonds helps avoid excessive acid secretion. Taking almonds after
eating meals ensure reduced acidity.

Banana and Apple: Banana contains antacids that naturally fight against acidity and
eating an apple before bedtime helps in relieving heartburn.

Coconut water: Coconut water lowers the body’s acidic pH level by making it alkaline.
This fiber-rich water supports digestion and prevents the recurrence of acidity.

Aloe vera: Drinking aloe vera juice relieves the burn of acid reflux.

Ginger: Ginger acts as a dietary treatment for heartburn and for gut health. It has
been used for digestive issues.

Oatmeal: Oatmeal doesn’t cause reflux, heartburn or acidity, it’s filling, and it has lots
of healthy fiber.

Fennel: There’s some evidence that fennel can improve your digestion. As it’s low in

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