What Your Body Type Says About You


There are basically three human body types: Endomorph, Mesomorph, and
Ectomorph. But it is not necessary that the body remains bound to one category or
the other. Some changes like lifestyle, genetics, history, and training styles play a
role in how you look, and it can be changed over time.

Each body type has its own recognizable characteristics that help in determining
which body type you have. According to this, you will be able to adjust lifestyle and
eating habits to reach your fitness goals.

Characteristics of these body types:-

body type and shape depend on health problem


People with this type of body have long, slim, and thin
muscles/limbs, belly, and low-fat storage. These people have a fast metabolism and
tend to struggle in gaining weight either in the form of body fat or muscle. These
people are hard gainers who can’t gain weight even if they eat lots of food but will
stay looking the same only.
However, eating much doesn’t mean that they can eat whatever they want without
affecting their body. These people should have complex carbs that can leave them
feeling fuller for longer. It also helps in pushing protein to the muscles so that they can


The mesomorph body type is middle build that takes the best of
the other two body types. People with such body type tend to have wide shoulders,
a narrow waist, thin joints, and round muscle bellies, basically, they are muscular
one. It is easier to build muscle and lose fat for mesomorphs in comparison to other
body types. They have a natural tendency to be fit and muscular.
Being muscular doesn’t mean you can do anything, there may be chances that it
might get “bounce back” and these people may go out of shape more easily than the
other two body types. These people should include equal amounts of protein and fat,
with a moderate amount of carbs which should be more of complex carbs to keep
body full in a healthy way.


Endomorph tends to gain weight and keep it on. Their body is a
little wider than an ectomorph or mesomorph, with a thick rib cage, wide hips, and
shorter limbs. They may have more muscle than other body types. They can be
strong, healthy, and have advantages due to their additional muscles mass. Weight
Loss is an extreme difficulty for such people. Overall body exercise is recommended
for such people to lose excess fat and to enhance their metabolism.
These people should eat fewer carbs and more protein. For a healthy weight, they
should also avoid simple carbs like white bread and eat more complex carbs like
whole grains. Ectomorphs need to follow a strict diet plan to maintain their weight.

Now, let’s come to body shape!!!

Fat is distributed below the skin all over the body and that is visible with eyes.
Generally, in most of the people, body fat remains stored in the stomach and thigh
areas, which determine their body shape.
If fat is accumulated around the chest and belly area, it makes your body is shaped
like an apple, while the fat accumulation around the belly and below areas, such as
on the thighs and buttocks, makes the body a pear-shaped.

Difference between an Apple and Pear body shapes…..

An apple and pear body shapes differ in the distribution of most of the fat and how
much fat is stored there. This fat can be measured with the help of waist to hip
circumference ratio. Simply, you have to measure your waist circumference
(between the ribs and the navel) and your hip circumference. This ratio will
determine your body shape.
If the waist circumference shows a higher value than the hip circumference, then you
have an apple-shaped body. While, if you have a narrow waist circumference than
hip circumference, then you have a pear-shaped body.
That means people with an apple-shaped body has accumulated fat around the
abdomen (belly region) or waist, and this is linked strongly to central obesity.

Health Effects of Body Shapes:

body type and shape depend on health problem

The pear-shaped body is considered healthier than an apple-shaped body due to
a smaller waist to hip ratio and fat accumulation. In general, the smaller the ratio, the
better it is for the health.
Central obesity is considered as an accurate predictor of metabolic diseases and
cardiovascular disease in an apple-shaped body. As an apple body-shaped people
have more chances of health risks for cardiac diseases, diabetes and cancer due to
the accumulation of fat around the waist, which can be the result of an unhealthy
lifestyle, including alcohol consumption and a lack of physical activity.
But, having a pear-shaped body does not mean that the person is free from the risk of
diseases, because abdominal fat is not the only reason for degenerative diseases.
In women, being pear-shaped is better because it works as a fat reserve in the body
to fulfill nutrient requirements during the pregnancy. However, it is good to control
the over accumulated fat before menopause, as the excess fat around the buttocks
can lead to the accumulation of fat in the abdominal region in menopausal women.
Also, a pear-shaped body will also be at risk of cardiovascular diseases due to

some other risk factors, such as;

● Hypertension
High blood cholesterol
● Smoking at a young age

Changes in body shape can occur at any time in life. If you have a normal waistline,
but have some medical conditions or faulty diet habits then you will also be at a risk
of some serious diseases in life later.
“So, it becomes important for all to live a healthy lifestyle”

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