Weight Control Secret: Energy Balance: Weight Management

Weight is an issue for many. For a few, it’s low weight, and for many, it’s overweight. People of both the categories struggle to keep up the right weight, sometimes the struggle lasts for the lifetime. The secret of weight loss or gain or maintaining an ideal weight is knowing the right approach. But many fail to discern that right.

There are many myths about the weight loss. Hence, a lot of confusion. In fact, maintaining the right weight is actually a process. The process involves eating right and exercising on a regular basis. When it comes to exercising every one has more or less same beliefs, whereas for eating right the dilemma arises.

Right eating practices play a key role in helping to maintain weight. Mindful eating is one such an approach, where a compassionate eating of looking inward and clubbing feelings and thoughts.

It’s a practice for which you need to motivate your self and stay focused. Weighing with the empty stomach and measuring the portion sizes makes you conscious about your eating habits. Likewise, planning meals in advance and never skipping one, particularly, the breakfast are essential too. Not eating in front of the TV and eating fruits and vegetable snacks to curb the cravings also an important mindful eating practice.

Increasing the exercises time and intensity and drinking plenty of fluids and water throughout the day also play a vital role. also Looking at the label for calories and avoiding foods high in empty calories and sugars is another aspect of it.

A relaxed mindful eating with the right food choices and lifestyle routine will ensure a healthy weight, more importantly, a happy life.

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