Protect Yourself from Coronavirus While Out in Emergency Situation

Coronavirus has spread like a plague and people are freaking out. It seems everything has stalled indefinitely and people are feeling its brunt.

Since the curfew was announced a day before, it has prompted people to stay inside and hoard the essentials. Not to mention, those essentials include sanitizers and masks.

It’s time to stay in, really in.But what if you have to go out despite all the instructions? How will you protect yourself then? What if you have to step out to see an ill relative or there is a meeting which you cannot avoid? You have to keep in mind the protective measures more than ever.

Here are some suggestions for you while you are out in an emergency situation;

  1. Before stepping out of the house, rub your hands thoroughly with sanitizer.
  2. Wear an N95 mask for better protection from coronavirus particles.
  3. Avoid touching any random object.
  4. Maintain sufficient acceptable distance from people.
  5. Instead of handshake, use traditional namaste.
  6. Or you can shake hands only when you are wearing gloves.
  7. Cover your mouth while sneezing or coughing and dispose the tissue in a covered dustbin.

Daily routine cannot be stopped in certain circumstances. We hope these protective measured keep you safe while you are out for your important work.

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