Understand the various stages of coronavirus and why social distancing is important

As per the Indian Council of Medical Research(1), India is at Stage 2 level and, the source of the contamination can be detected and stopped. At present, the nation is observing some serious activities to keep away from the possible outbreak. Here in this blog, have a look at the changed phases of coronavirus disease in different nations of the world and why social distancing is significant now.

Stage 1- Acute infection

An Indian Council of Medical Research official clarified the phases of the nations with respect to the coronavirus outbreak in a meeting.

Stage 1 shows the phase where the disease is just constrained to the individuals who have traveled to infection hit nations and have tested positive.

Stage 2-Clinical dormancy

Stage 2 shows when the contamination is privately transmitted. The transmission is either from the individuals who are near the group of the tainted patient or the individuals the individual has interacted with. Right now, source of the disease is known and can be found.

Stage 3- Community transmission

Stage 3 refers to transmission where the source of the disease can never be recognized. At the point when an area is considered at Stage 3, it implies that any individual can test positive in any event, even when there is no exposure to the infected individual or any person who have come from the outside countries where coronavirus is spreading fast.

Stage 4 The outbreak

Stage 4 is the point at which the cornoavirus is viewed as a mass suffering and there is an extreme episode. People are getting more and more infected; the source cannot be detected and there are mass deaths happening.

Coronavirus in India

India is right now at Stage 2 of infection transmission presently. The ICMR referenced that there is a month window for the nation to end the rising bend of the disease transmission in the nation, in any case India will before long come at Stage 3.

Why Social Distancing is Significant in these Troubled Times?

Social distancing is significant for stopping the spread of coronavirus, particularly for the individuals who are at higher danger of getting coronavirus. High-risk individuals include the older and those with weak immune systems or other hidden medical issues. By separating themselves from people in general, these high-risk people can protect themselves from being presented to the infection, which can be lethal for them.

Regardless of whether you’re not considered at higher-risk of getting coronavirus, it’s still important to rehearse social distancing. By separating yourself from others, you’re doing your part by limiting the probability of spreading the infection to other people.

Recall that regularly, those with coronavirus can be asymptotic – indicating no symptoms. In this way, regardless of whether you are feeling fine and are not experiencing any of the symptoms of coronavirus, you could in any case be a carrier of COVID-19 and be a potential risk to other people.

So, maintain social distancing and keep yourself and others safe.

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