Top 5 Myths and facts about Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are the body’s main source of energy. 1 gram of carb provides 4 kilo-calories. It gets converted into glucose & releases into the blood to provide energy in the body throughout the day. 

                          MYTHS                            FACTS
Carbohydrates are not good for health! No! bad carbs offer a richness of nutrients like vitamins and fiber.
Carbohydrates make you fat! No! bad carbs are perfect for weight control, it reduces calorie intake due to its fiber content.
There’s Too Much Sugar in Carbs! No! Stick to the natural sugars in fruits rather than adding sugar and using processed white foodstuff.
Every Carb Has Gluten! No! There are some gluten-free grains such as quinoa, amaranth, brown rice, as well as vegetables, fruits, and legumes.
Don’t Eat Carbs Before Exercise! No! It’s all about timing and the type of carbs you choose to load up on, it provides immediate energy and improves performance.

Top 5 Myths and facts about Carbohydrates


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Moderation is the key, white foods can be part of a healthy diet if taken in a limited quantity

  • Topic:2 Only Bread and Grains Contain Carbs –

Not only bread and grains contain carb but they are also found in nutritious whole fruit, starchy vegetables, rice, and cereals.

  • Topic:3 Low-Carb Diets Are Healthier –

They help to maintain weight and optimal for human health

It is not a rapid process, a diet full of too much added sugar for a longer period can be a risk factor for inflammation in the body

  • Topic:5 Avoid Fruit Due to High Sugar Content –

Fruits contain natural sugar along with good fiber and water content.

  • Topic:6 Sugar-Free = Carb-Free

Sugar-free foods are not carbohydrate-free foods. They can still raise blood sugars, especially when eaten in excess.

  • Topic:7 All Carbs Are the Same No Matter Where They Come From

All seem pretty much alike, but they are not the same or equal, Whole carbs are unprocessed and contain more fiber while refined carbs have been processed and had the natural fiber stripped out.

  • Topic:8 All Simple Carbs Are Bad; All Complex Carbs Are Good

Moderation is the key, white foods can be part of a healthy diet if taken in a limited quantity


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