Top 10 Sources of Protein | Top list of High Quality Protein Foods

Current situations are affecting our health in a drastic way, forcing on us an unhealthy lifestyle that makes us keep unwanted bulges which distorts the shape of our body.

Eating Modern Diet – convenient but poor in nutrition.

To change your body, you must first change your eating patterns, if it is difficult for you – there is a simple way; an easy and better solution for a battle with wrong eating habits

just switch on to high – quality protein diets.

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What are High-Quality Proteins

and how do they work?

Are you thinking about the delicious sizzling chicken on a grill..or an energy bar or a protein shake to banish fatigue and muscle growth during workouts?

You can eat them because of its protein content, but when it comes to making the best protein choices to keep your body and mind healthy, quality is just as important as quantity.

Protein is a macro and vital nutrient required for:

  • Building
  • maintaining
  • Repairing

..our tissues/organs throughout the body.

Protein gives you the energy to rise and keep going smoothly.

But too much protein can be harmful to people

So, please consult your doctor or you can ask us @Whatsapp / @neuherbs

Eating the right amount of  High-Quality Protein leads to:

It can help in reducing the risk of chronic ailments such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

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It can help in improving brain function. It can improve your mood and boosts your resistance to stress, anxiety, and depression.

As well as being healthy feeling energetic,

#DidYouKnow: protein is helps in maintaining healthy skin, nails & hair.

How much High-Quality Protein do you need?

Eating healthy is important, but how much of each macro nutrient – carbs, fats, and protein on a daily basis?

RDI (Recommended dietary intake), describes the minimum amount required for the body to function properly.

You need protein for your muscles, bones and for the rest of our body exact need changes with age.

  • Babies need about 10 grams a day.
  • School – going children need 19-34 grams a day.
  • Teenage girls need 46 grams a day.
  • Teenage boys need up to 52 grams a day.
  • Adult men need about 56 grams a day.
  • Adult women need about 46 grams a day (71 grams, if pregnant or breastfeeding).
  • You should get at least 10% of your daily calories, but not more than 35% from protein.
Source: the Institute of Medicine.

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Here is a List of High–Quality Protein Foods:-

Pick them according to your liking,

The 10 Healthy High-Protein Foods to Eat

1-: Egg-Protein in an egg 6 g/one large egg, it is perfect for high – quality protein, versatile, low–carbs and with Branched–Chain amino acids BCAA.

2:- Greek Yogurt – Protein 23g/8 oz serving, popular because it has twice as much protein as other types of yogurt. It’s also rich in bone-building calcium and probiotic bacteria, which is great for gut health.

3:- Cottage Cheese -14g per ½ cup serving, you can make it a healthy late-night snack, its high casein – a slow-digesting protein feeds your muscles all night so they don’t catabolize and it keeps you away from waking up starving at 3 a.m.

4:- Milk – Protein in 2-percent milk is 8g /1 cup serving. You can enjoy skimmed or with fats, called as 2- percent milk has properties of absorbing the milk’s vitamin D and organic milk has the highest nutrient content, including protein and omega-3.

5:- Salmon – Protein in salmon is 23g per 3 oz serving; it is a good source of protein as well as of omega-3 fatty acids.

6:- Tuna-Protein in Light Tuna: 22g /3 oz serving, it provides a little more protein than more expensive canned white tuna.

7:- Chicken Breast (Boneless & Skinless)-Protein in it is 24g /3oz serving; this is a better protein source than other poultry cuts.

8:- Beans – Protein in Navy Beans: 20g /1 cup serving, heart-healthy beans are a great vegetarian source of protein and is rich in fiber, which is vital for healthy eating.

9:- Quinoa– Protein in quinoa: 8g /1 cup serving, it has all 9 essential amino acids and is popular for various health benefits apart from being the best source of protein.

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Brain Food:

Do you know about Atkins Diet ?

low – carb diet without the need for calorie counting is effective for Weight Management

The Atkins diet is a low – carb diet, mainly opted for weight – loss. This diet was promoted by the physician Dr. Robert C. Atkins,

who wrote a best – selling book about it in 1972. In the past 12 or so years, about 20 studies have shown that low – carb diet without the need for calorie counting is effective for Weight Management and can lead to several health – benefits.

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