Do Liquid Diets Help In Weight Loss ?

Yes! Liquid diets, as the name suggests, means getting liquids only as a part of the
diet. The liquid diet is a diet that can replace all the meals with fruit, vegetables,
milkshakes or basically liquids, which have to be taken at some intervals throughout
the day.

Following liquid diets means consuming fewer calories in comparison to solid diets. This
can help in reducing weight. But, it should be done in a proper manner as suddenly
shifting to such a diet might create an imbalance in the body’s metabolism.


Therefore, it is necessary to follow liquid diets in a proper proportion. Liquid diets say
that you will get all, or at least most of the calories from drinks or liquids only.
Some liquid diets contain fruits & vegetable juices, or shakes, which replace the
entire day meals and should be taken three or four times a day. Also, it requires medical supervision.

On the other hand, some types of liquid diets replace just one or two meals (usually
breakfast and lunch) with drinks, and then the dinner should be healthy. Some
snacks can be taken while on this type of liquid diet.


● A liquid diet ensures safety. Such as, if someone having trouble while
chewing and/or swallowing during some health issues, he/she might get
choked while eating or drinking. A liquid diet reduces that risk.

● Eliminating food particles can also help reduce complications if someone has
undergone dental issues or mouth-related issues.

● If someone is having wounds in the mouth then, sticking to a liquid diet allows
your mouth to heal.

● If your digestive system is slow or damaged from any illness, disease, or
surgery, then being on a liquid diet until you heal can help you manage pain
and prevent further complications.

● It also helps in weight loss as it contains fewer calories compared to a solid diet

Liquid diets to lose weight in 2 week

A liquid diet is prescribed for a short period of time to help you get back to your
normal diet. It’s not allowed to follow for more than two weeks for weight loss

Liquid Diets Recipes:-

The choice will be yours of beverages on a liquid diet. By following the proper
procedure and right tools, you can also make solid foods diet-friendly.

● Fruit and vegetable juice (no pulp)
● Broth (meat, chicken or Dal)
● Sports drinks, electrolyte-replacement drinks
Coffee, tea
● Milk or dairy-free milk alternatives (soy, almond)
Milkshakes, smoothies
● Clear or creamed soups (thinned, strained, no solids)
● Gelatin, pudding, custard
● Ice pops, ice cream, frozen yogurt
● Yogurt (regular or Greek; no granola, seeds, fruit chunks)
● Powdered protein, dry milk, other nutritional supplements
● Liquid dietary supplements (Ensure, Glucerna, Boost)

Cooking Tips-

The easiest way to make food suitable for a liquid diet is to add water. If food doesn’t
become soft and liquid at room or body temperature then apply some extra heat
Kitchen appliances like food processors can be used for making home-made liquid
meals. A blender is useful for making Purée from fruits and veggies, pasta, rice, and
potatoes can be easily cooked until they become very soft, after that they can be
thinned with water.

It is recommended to take an expert’s or doctor’s advice before going on a
liquid diet.

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