How Do Atkins Diet Helps In Weight Management
The Atkins Diet The Atkins diet is a low-carb diet, which is usually recommended for weight loss. The Atkins diet says that one can simply reduce weight by just avoiding carbohydrates from the food and increasing the amount of protein and fat (healthy). Studies have shown that a low- carb diet doesn’t need calorie counting, so it is effective for weight loss and can...
A "Zone Diet" That Will Help You To Get In Shape
What Is Zone Diet:- The Zone diet says that a certain amount of protein, carbs, and fat in every meal reduces the inflammation in the body, which helps in weight loss. The diet says, carbs have a low glycemic index, which means there is a slow release of sugar into the blood which helps in keeping you fuller for a longer duration. The...
7 Important Things you should know about fat
Exercise to be fit, not skinny… Eat to nourish your body and always ignore the haters, doubters & unhealthy examples that were once feeding you…You are worth more than you realize… What is fat? Fat is a macronutrient like a carbohydrate, protein, and water, it is essential to provide energy for daily routine and helps in protecting your organs. Fat is...



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