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What does a testosterone level of 2.32 mean for a man of 53 years?

It means that the testosterone levels are extremely low. Consider the chart: Infants and children Age Male (in...

If the testosterone level is 39.70, what does it mean?

As a rule, the ordinary range in men is around 270-1070 ng/dL with a...

Testosterone level kitna hona sahi hai?

As a rule, the ordinary range in men is around 270-1070 ng/dL with a...

What is the procedure of sanitization of home during COVID 19 in India as per Government of India?

Cleaning and purifying your family unit after a crisis is essential to help stop...

How Many Testosterone Pills I Intake In A Day?

There is no particular dose unless your doctor prescribes you it. Numerous testosterone suggest...

How to Re Engage Testosterone In The Body?

Low testosterone (or testosterone inadequacy) is the point at which the body can't make...

Is it indicated to do laparoscopy for ectopic pregnancy in time of Corona?

No. We think the infection additionally spreads by contact. Hard, sparkly surfaces, for example,...

Can duphaston 10mg tablets help avoid ectopic pregnancy?

Duphaston 10 Mg Tablet is a Progestin (Female Hormone). It works by adjusting the...

Take Fish Oil for 20 days & See how your body will change.

We all keep looking for this miracle product that will make us feel and...
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Frequently Asked Questions

Garcinia cambogia upvas me chalta hai kya?

If you are concerned about consuming Garcinia Cambogia during fasting, you can have it without any problems. In addition, a superior method to lose...

Hand sanitizers are inflammable-Justify the statement

Most hand sanitizer items contain a high volume of alcohol, which is the reason behind hand sanitizer fire risk concerns. Alcohol based hand sanitizers...

As per the WHO recommendation should isopropanol be used in hand sanitiser during stay at home in COVID 19?

Researches have demonstrated helpful impacts of hand sanitizers. Hand sanitizers are found to be more powerful in reducing gastrointestinal sicknesses in family units, in...

Can we use sea water use to sanitize the city by adding some other chemicals?

In any case, the sea has an excessive number of microscopic organisms to successfully filling as a disinfectant. Ocean salt water can even aggravate...

Is it safe to take Garcinia cambogia with back pain medicine?

Do not use Garcinia Cambogia with- ●Asthma and allergy medicines. ●Diabetes medicines, including pills and insulin. ●Iron, for anemia. ●Pain medicines. ●Prescriptions for psychiatric conditions. ●Statins, drugs that lower cholesterol. ●Warfarin,...

High risk pregnancy prevalence in Assam

A woman is considered to have a high-risk pregnancy when health concerns exist that may threaten the natural course of the development or birth...